• About ORICO

    Pioneer Products of USB Intelligent Life
    Ever since its founding in 2009, Shenzhen Yuanchuang technology Co., Ltd has devoted strenuos efforts to establish an one-stop manufacture chain including product model, assemble, plastic injection molding and research. Based on the principle of "easy your PC", we named our independent brand - ORICO, which stands for original company, aiming at arouse your desire for smart products.

    Best Product Ever
    "We want to do the best products ever." This is what ORICO always keeps in mind. We stick to original, innovate product manufacturing, strive to establish new standard for related products in maket, every gadget is well produced as a "intelligent, quality, original and hign-end" one.

    Hot in Global Market

    Despite of the gap by language, our surge protector posesses 24 patent rights, this is admirable, right. Now, ORICO has stepped into international market such as America, Australia, Germany, Korea and etc. During the past 6 years, ORICO has achieved annual growth by 200% on average.

    Upgrade to 2.0 Version to Keep in Line with Competitor
    Put "original" and "innovation" together, we see chemical change in ORICO. Currently, ORICO owns a interated production chain, from market analysis to product definition, industry design, market policy, channel sale, mould exploration, electric research, model molding, metal stamping, assembly, warehouse and etc. With annual gross producive exceeds 5 billions, ORICO invested 5000,0000 to develop a Internet-orieted industrial park in Dongguan city. This is a landmark event in our development history.
    ORICO, be classic as always.